For the first time that I can remember, pun unintended, I actually managed to out-sleuth Clark Kent. Granted, it was only by five minutes, but, still, the experience has done wonders for my recently damaged ego.

Clark came to me, as he is so fond of doing, with a conspiracy theory regarding my father and Chloe Sullivan. He believed Lionel responsible for sending several violence-inducing e-mails, with Chloe as the target. If my father truly wanted Chloe dead, he wouldn't be sending e-mails, and I told Clark as much, though less bluntly. He explained that he'd had some computer expert friend check the ISP address on the subliminal messages, and they were registered to Chloe's own computer, which my father had recently purloined from Smallville High.

Earlier that week, I'd had a small technical problem of my own and went down to the lab to find a rather attractive woman working. We exchanged some mild flirtatious banter, and the next day I'd discovered she didn't actually work there, and had been messing with the computers from Smallville. Considering my well known and vile taste in women, it was painfully obvious that she was the culprit.

As Chloe sought refuge at the mansion, I had a technician trace the e-mails further and pinpoint the actual physical location of the computer itself, something Clark's little friend hadn't managed. I went to the address to find the young woman, Molly, home alone.

We talked for a few minutes, until Clark showed up.

The point of the young woman's homicidal letter-writing turned out to be Dr. Garner, the neurological and physiological expert who'd worked on Clark's late friend Ryan. Chloe wrote a damning article exposing the darker side of his work, and Molly, a dutiful subject, decided to retaliate.

I left Clark to deal with the rest of that particular situation, and decided to return Chloe's computers to her as compensation for the help she'd unwittingly given to me.

While she was at the mansion earlier, we'd had a conversation discussing the more positive merits of Dr. Garner's work. She'd given a glowing recommendation of the actual work itself, if not the man.

I went to see the doctor, with Chloe's article in hand. After making my personal distate for him clear, I threatened to release the article unless he helped me recover the seven weeks that have been stolen from me. Perhaps I should have been more subtle, considering the trust I may one day have to place in this man. But, then, I doubt he'd dare make a move against me.

Dr. Garner acts far more brave than he is.

I just hope Chloe's correct in her assessment of the man's skill. Even if she's not, however, it's worth the risk.

I need to remember.

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