I received a stern warning from Clark today. I originally went to see him due to his recent tragedy of losing his site, but all he wanted to talk about was warning me against my father. When I told Clark the news that my father had offered me my old position in LuthorCorp, he wasn't surprised. On the contrary, he told me my father was handing me that position to 'sharpen pencils', more or less. I expected as much, but hearing it from Clark made it seem that much more real.

A visit with Lana later in the day was interesting. She mentioned meeting someone new while in rehab. It seems her and Clark are playing this game with each other; stay away in time of need. Ironic that in my time of need, Clark turned his back on his family for me, Lana was almost crippled because of me, and yet they refused to turn to each other in crisis.

I don't think I'll ever understand those two.

I confronted my father on the job position, throwing his own words at him. The look on his face proved to me that Clark was right, it was nothing more than yet another bullshit scam offer from my father. He threw some nonsense quotes in my face about having to prove ourselves everyday, and immediately went defensive by saying someone was trying to get between he and I. He's paranoid about something, that's for sure. I just wish I knew how Clark came across the information. When my father asked me how I had heard about the fake job position, I told him to think about who he's been talking to while trashing me behind my back.

Father and son relationships. Another thing I'll never understand.

To wrap up an exhausting week, Clark came to visit me, eyesight intact somehow, and verbally assaulted me for the firing of Chloe's father. When I told him it was better off that way, that my father believed it was Mr. Sullivan spreading the rumors about my job, and that his name wasn't mentioned in the entire mess, Clark remained silent and left. What does he want from me? To save all of his friends and their families while protecting him? Impossible. Sometimes the boy just doesn't understand how corporations work.

Or the Luthors.

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