With everything going on in my life, the last thing I need to concern myself with is Lana's new boy toy. I spoke with Lana earlier this morning because tenants in the surrounding areas of the Talon are complaining about late night noise. Not only that, but I have invoice reports that list a ton of damage done to the place since 'Adam' has moved in. If it were up to me, I'd remove the problem. But Lana insisted he's more of a help than a burden.

I had to see for myself.

I invited the boy to the mansion, where I found him playing one of Rachmaninoff's most complicated pieces. Odd for someone who claims to have lived on the streets most of his life to be able to play a masterpiece of that magnitude. None of the stories I had heard from Lana or Clark were evident in what I found out about Adam. Straight A student, a "joy to teach," every one of his teachers said the same about him, verbatim. I warned the boy that I was suspicious, and would continue my search into his perfect past for the black mark hidden beneath.

For a moment, I thought he doubted me.

I found it hard to believe someone could play Rachmaninoff with such perfect without the assistance of sheet music. And my intuition about Adam seems to have been correct. When I went to the Talon to 'inspect' the property, Adam's room included, I ran into Chloe. The teenage sleuth had the same reasons for being there as I did; suspicion.

I found out more on the boy, how he's part of some trial clinical research due to his injury. I informed Lana of this when she came to me and told me Adam was doing drugs. Adam used the needle to inject his medication, not narcotics, but Lana, Chloe, and I, are still suspicious.

I will keep looking. After all, I enjoy all of Smallville's mysteries.

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