When my father says, "I'm concerned about you Lex," followed by the general statement of, "what are you hiding from me," I can't help but wonder if there was ever actual concern or not. Hell, I've been playing this game with my father for years. I don't think the word concern is even in his vocabulary.

He should be concerned though. The chemical that leaked from the Smallville plant last night could bring an end to all the questions he's ever had; I've ever had. That is, if I was given enough time to experiment. Someone broke into the plant and was exposed to the drug Levitas, a powerful truth syrum. Whoever is infected with the virus can get people to tell them the truth simply by asking.

At first I thought it was Clark. Found him snooping around the plant a few days later, and his cover story of 'a friend' was weak to say the least. But after hearing the chaos that Chloe created at the high school, I knew she was the one.

I invited her over, hoping she would help me get some things out of my father. Mostly the memories that were stolen from me not too long ago. She refused, and now I know she knows more about what happened then she's letting on. I did admit one thing to her though, the one thing I couldn't admit to my father a few hours later.

I want my father to love me.

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