My father's been investigating the caves again. He told me that the hole in the cave-wall has suddenly re-opened. He then proceeded to point out the myrid details I'd hoped he'd forgotten: Clark found the caves, the markings that were found burned into the side of the barn, and, of course, the fact that the hole closed at the same time something exploded at the Kent farm. I made some snide remark about mental illness being heridatry, but all I could think of was the FBI agents monitoring our every word.

I went out to see them as soon as my father left, and tried to cover for Clark. But it seems they'd already been following that particular strand, and discovered a connection between Clark and Virgil Swann, an eccentric scientist and billionaire. My father's been having clandestine meetings with Mr. Swann frequently over the past week.

These matters were weighing on my mind when I met with Lana to go over the bills for the Talon, and I'm afraid I was rather distracted throughout the entire thing. But I'd have to have been both blind and deaf not to pick up on her dire mood. Sensing it might concern Clark, I asked her about it, and, predictably, she immediately began to cry as she confided in me: Clark had kissed her.

I told her I'd been under the impression she's always wanted him to do that. She said she didn't know.

Yes, I can see how that could be confusing for her.

She asked me if I thought people could change, and, had she asked me that question a few months earlier I'd have said an enthusiastic yes and, for the thousandth time, pointed out the virtues of Clark Kent. But in that moment, and even now, as I remember the conversation, I can't seem to remember any of said virtues. So instead I shared with her a quote I'd always found both poignant and true: "A person isn't who they are during their last conversation with you, they're who they've always been throughout your whole relationship."

I knew when she left that I'd given her something to think about. Perhaps I should be doing the same in regards to Clark.

Speaking of whom...

During yet another business meeting later that evening, Clark came storming into my office demanding to speak with me. I got rid of my business associates, and Clark proceeded to accuse my father of having the farm stormed with FBI agents. When I asked why my father would do that, Clark said something honest, for once, and admitted that Lionel believes he has knowledge of the caves. I steered the conversation back to Lionel, not wanting Clark to say anything too important with the agents listening, and promised to look into it.

I went straight to the FBI agents. They assured me they'd had nothing to do with the raid on the farm, and that they're only interest was with Lionel.

So I left, and who do you suppose I found waiting for me? Or, rather, who do you suppose slammed me up against the door of my car as soon as I'd unlocked it?

An enraged Clark, of course, who proceeded to rip off my shirt and stare angrily at the wire taped to my chest.

It took Clark less than three seconds to shift into self-rightenousness, and begin to storm off.

I yelled after him, and explained the situation: my father set me up for the murders at Metron Labs, so I cut a deal to get out from under. I told him what I'd been told: the FBI had nothing to do with the raid. Clark wasn't quite ready to admit he'd been wrong, and pointed out that, if the men were Lionel's, they were likely there in an attempt to get to me.

Yes, because Lionel certainly has no reason to be interested in Clark Kent solely because he's Clark Kent.

I made mention of Virgil Swann, and, after Clark tried to lie about his knowledge of the man, gave him the details of what the FBI had told me, about my father and Swann's dealings with one another. The last of his righteousness faded, and he seemed troubled.

I don't know exactly why.

I'm not sure I even care.

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