There were so many stories, I don't know what to believe. I confronted dear old dad when I returned, and was informed my wife was indeed alive. Although I have no recollection of the plane crash, my father confessed at gunpoint that Helen's version was this: I gave her the only parachute and forced her out of the plane. He doesn't believe her story, and claimed to have been searching for me this entire time. I have to admit, my father tells a good story of betrayal and revenge. And to top it off, he mentioned the blood vile I had given Helen. That was enough to make me question my darling widower.

I returned to the mansion to find it empty. Helen wasn't around, but her new wardrobe was. I must admit, she seemed to be getting along fine without me. When she returned home, I was welcomed with a warm embrace. I mentioned what my father had told me, and Helen admitted she lied. She claims she couldn't wake me up, panicked, and she left me on the plane to die.

Survival of the fittest, what a Luthor she has become.

Helen claims my father threatened her, forced her to hand over the vile of blood. Trivial now, actually, because I know she betrayed me. Five minutes after she finds out her dead husband, whom she claims to love, has returned from the dead, she is offering me an annulment.

The only genuine embrace I received all day was from Clark. I was immediately brought up to date on his situation: his family is losing the farm. The look on his face when I approached him was priceless, and the loving embrace I received was almost worth the hell I'd endured on the island. I briefly explained what I went through, finding and battling the demons within myself, and he seemed to understand more than anyone.

I knew he would.

I came home to find Helen packed and ready to go, and I assured her there were no hard feelings, and convinced her to come away with me instead of leaving me. The plane ride was my revenge. I knew Helen was behind the crash, my father never would've failed in trying to kill me. It was easy enough to figure out when I found out the plane had landed at Saint Croix before it crashed. Upon confrontation, Helen pointed a gun at me, we struggled, the gun went off, and the pilot was shot. After I took control of the plane, I looked back, and Helen was gone.

I'm sure she won't return.

Of course my father was at the castle to greet me when I returned. He knew what had taken place, and congratulated me on my accomplishment of revenge. And as I thanked him for his survival lessons throughout my life, and asked to run LuthorCorp with him, I almost saw pride in his eyes. It was also the second most meaningful embrace of the day.

To end what seemed like one of the best days of my life, I visited the Kent farm once again. I handed Mr. Kent the deed to his farm, a thank you gift for the compass he had given me for my wedding, which ironically is what helped me the most on the island. For once, he graciously accepted my gift, as well as accepted me into the family.

Peace and tranquility can come out of misery, pain, and suffering.

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