I'm not quite certain how best to summarize the past several weeks of my life, considering that my recollection of them is vague at best. Evidence suggests that I temporarily misplaced my mind due to the stress of my island experience combined with my homecoming.

I'm not entirely convinced.

Of course, since I don't actually remember anything about the events in question, it's rather hard to find a counter-argument for what exactly happened. And since I can't trust that my father hasn't bugged the mansion again, it's even harder.

I tried to get some information out of Clark when he stopped by today, vaguely, of course, but he seemed strangely distant and moody. Even more so than usual.

I'm not sure why.

I expressed my appreciation for our friendship, and he only looked more depressed.

It peaked a mild curiosity, of course, but to be perfectly honest I'm growing rather tired of the guessing that surrounds so much of our relationship. Or, to be more precise, my relationship to him.

I have more important things to focus on.

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