The Cast

When I asked Clark for pictures of some of the people he cared about, I was surprised he'd actually collected them for me. I was informed by the two sisters that put this diary together for me that people need what's called a "cast page." I have no fucking idea what they are talking about, but I've managed to gather as many pictures as I could for them.

Then they said I should write down what I think of the people I talk about. I suppose this is for that page.

Clark Kent: See for yourself. But keep your hands to yourselves.

Jonathan Kent: An incredible asshole, 99.9% of the time.

Martha Kent: An incredible woman.

Lana Lang: Even her name is irritating.

Chloe Sullivan: Quite intelligent.

Pete Ross: Less intelligent than his friend.

Lionel Luther: Satan

And there you have it girls. Not what you were looking for I'm sure. My apologies.

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