Chloe came to me a couple days ago with information about the mysterious new boytoy of Lana's. She said that she witnessed him injecting himself, and later retrieved the needle and had the substance analyzed. She uncovered something very intriquing. According to her analyst, the serum contained blood platlets of unknown origin. Seems vaguely familiar, doesn't it? She also said that a molecular biologist by the name of Dr. Tang regularly visited Adam Knight while he was in the Smallville hospital. She couldn't get in to see Dr. Tang, of course, hence her coming to me to continue her research.

I was happy to oblige.

Dr. Tang was rather rude about my interrupting her work, but sadly unchallenging when it came to the manipulation aspect of my visit. It took me less than two minutes to rattle her, after asking why a researcher of her level would regularly be seeing some kid in a smalltown hospital. She was obviously flustered, despite her sad attempts to hide it.

Like I said, it was really far too easy to be satisfying.

The next day I was on my way back to Metropolis to continue my business with Dr. Tang when Clark stopped by. He said his dad liked the DVD player I sent, and I have to say, despite the progress I've made with the Kents, I was still rather surprised his father accepted. I wonder if he'd let Clark keep the truck, now? Anyway, Clark was there to ask me a rather expensive favor. He wanted to borrow $20,000 dollars to help a friend who was being blackmailed. After establishing that the "friend" wasn't, in fact, Clark himself, I had to say no. I've never paid off anyone who was blackmailing me; it simply doesn't work. Clark should have known that, he was around two years ago the last time someone tried. He asked again, saying that he didn't think his friend had a choice, but all I could do was wish him good luck. Clark should really choose his friends more wisely, I'd' have never involved Clark in something so sordid, at least not intentionally.

Dr. Tang showed up at the mansion that evening, very upset. It seems somehow her secret research was discovered by the university and she was summarily dismissed. I can't imagine how that happened. I offered to fund her research myself, provided she inform me if she finds out where the blood platlets are coming from, and keeps me up to date on what she's doing with them.

Generous of me, wasn't it?

I decided to finish up my evening with a bit of fun entertainment. It seems when I left for Metropolis, my Porsche left, too, and was later mysteriously returned in perfect condition. I can't imagine how that happened, either. I went over to Clark's loft, to see what he thought of this bizarre mystery. Clark may lie a lot, but he certainly doesn't do it well. His attempt at playing innocent was one of the most amusing things I've seen all year, really. I had to let him off the hook, he looked so pathetic, so I told him that I understand what it was like to have a friend in trouble, and to have to cross a few moral lines to help. Clark looked both shamed and relieved as I left.

For all his mysteries, it's nice to know he can at least occasionally be predictable.

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