My father insists I receive a psychological profile before allowing me complete access to LutherCorp. Yet another tactic to try and get inside my head. I pushed as far as I felt I could push, but eventually I agreed. I have an appointment next week.

I had the oddest dream the other night. Clark came to the mansion at my request, and I gave him a quick lesson on a sword I had hanging in my living room. Next thing I knew, I was swinging the sword at Clark. Only instead of cutting him, the sword broke into a hundred pieces, and Clark didn't have a scratch on him. When I mentioned to Clark that he must not be human, he insisted he could explain. In my angered state, I told him how hurt I was. That I would've protected him if he would've told me the truth from day one. And since he had lied to me, I was going to tell the world his secret.

I woke up to the sound of my phone, and it was Clark, asking me to do some digging into his new next-door neighbor. When he came over to see what I had found out, he also asked me about the same sword. When I told him it was some old movie prop I had purchased, and that it wasn't real, he seemed relieved. I acted as if I was going to strike him with it, and he flinched.

It's odd really, that Clark would come to me after dreaming about his comatose neighbor, ask me about the same sword I dreamt about, even mentioned the lesson I had given him in my dream, and then flinched when I went to hit him.

Was he in my dream as well? Was I in his? Maybe my new shrink can make some sense out of this. I would ask, but I'm sure she's already on my fathers payroll. I shall add this to the other strange events that surround Clark Kent.

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