Chloe came to the mansion earlier this week with some new information on the illustrious, and then MIA, Dr. Tang. She discovered that the North Korean woman hadn't gotten into the United States via her research prowess after all, but instead had gotten married to a man working security detail for LuthorCorp. Not only that, but she tracked him down to an abandoned pharmecutical company that my father just happens to own, one he's been remarkably reluctant to liquidate, despite it's lack of profitability.

Chloe wanted my assistance in continuing her research, but I assured her I could manage it from there. She took offense at that, and I had to explain the obvious. My father would kill her without hesitation.

She understood, and stopped her protesting.

I went to the abandoned building, and had to charm my way past my father's security detail. Dr. Tang, predictably, was in an office quite similar to the one from her university... she'd obviously made herself at home. She threatened to call my father if I didn't leave immediately, and I threatened to reveal to the embassy that she was conducting illegal research. Before she could cave again, however, a strange breeze swept through the office, taking with it a vial of the mysterious blood platlet-based substance and leaving behind only a hint of wind.

I wonder how that could have possibly happened.

The next day Dr. Tang gave me a full tour of her new facility. She told me that my father wanted to take Adam Knight off of the medication, but she hadn't had the heart to go through with it, and was keeping him on site. I asked why she didn't just give him more, and she explained that the blood platlets are in too short a supply for her to get her hands on the excess without it raising my father's suspicions. She pleads ignorance to the platlets origins, and, thankfully, I'm inclined to believe her.

I saw Adam Knight in the flesh, albeit briefly, curled up in the corner of his cell, looking quite horrific. I also asked Dr. Tang why all those who receive this treatment kept coming down with this liver disease, but I think her explanation is one only a molecular biologist could understand. I certainly didn't get it, beyond the fact that my father rushed the experiment.

Once I got home to Smallville, I went to see Lana. I found her obsessively cleaning Adam's former apartment, and tried to get her to reveal exactly what had happened between them. She wouldn't tell me, but, I have to admit, the horror of Adam's condition has faded slightly after seeing her. She was curious as to why I was still interested, and I told her I was only following up on her request to keep him out of her life.

It's been very a productive few days, for the most part. But I have to admit, I'm missing a certain person tonight. If I don't count the mysterious blood-platlet stealing wind, I haven't had anywhere near my fill of peculiar experiences this week. Clark's nothing if not a peculiar experience these days.

Hopefully our next conversation will be soon.

I'd hope for it to be civil, too, but I wouldn't want to press my luck.

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