Chloe Sullivan came to see me today, asking all kinds of questions about my Grandfather. It didn't take me long to figure out she was on a mission for Clark. I answered none of her questions, but had a few of my own. Like why didn't Clark come himself?

Still, she had me curious. She accused my Grandfather of being arrested for pety larceny in Smallville in 1961. As far as my family history knowledge went, the Luthors hadn't even heard of Smallville at that time. I went to the expert himself, and yes, my father confirmed that it was covered up.

Anything to save the Luthor name.

Upon confrontation, my father actually teared up as he told the tale of his miserable childhood and my Grandfather's death. I admit, he convinced me that it was tragic. He first explained that there was an explosion that killed my grandparents. But when I later found out someone had actually set up that explosion, and they were murdered, my father admitted he was aware of it. We agreed to join together and seek our own justice on the person or persons responsible.

It's been a while since my father and I have teamed up with a common goal. Maybe my therapy sessions have been helping. I hope we can follow through without killing each other.

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