Leave it to my father to not only be working on some secret resurrection drug, but to keep it from me. And when I ask to take it over, there was no real surprise when the facility at Metron was cleaned out.

What did surprise me was that Clark knew about it. Had been following me apparently, since he new of my association with Dr. Tang. I wasn't sure whether to be angry or flattered. He demanded I take him there, to find out more about Adam. When we got there, my fathers handy work was evident. The place was in total disarray. However, what wasn't my fathers work, was the amount of dead bodies laying around. A blood bath was had by the one person that had the strength, and need, to get out of there.


Of course when I confront my father on the mess left at the lab, he offered to hand it over to me as I asked. I turned him down, advising him to clean up his own mess. If only he'd given it to me beforehand, I could've helped Clark, Lana, even Adam, and learned what was behind the top secret drug.

To make matters worse, while Clark's trying to solve some inevitable time continuum in which Lana dies, some half-crocked wannabe superdetectives take over the mansion and want to question us both for the murders at Metron. I keep telling Clark, it doesn't pay to be a superhero. My father has managed to set me up nicely for these murders, but he has no idea what's coming.

Payback is a bitch Father, and your son is coming after you with both barrels. Turn around is fair play, and I'll be working with the FBI to take down my father once and for all. For all the years of betrayal, distrust, being used and abused, I will have my revenge on you yet.

No matter what the cost.

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